This is Jemic Hsu, and welcome to my personal information web page. First at all, I have to say that I am just an ordinary person, and I work very hard every day. I spend almost 10 hours in my business, and few hours with my family. I only slept 7 hours a day, which I believe it is long enough for me to get recovery with energy. I always believe family value come first, and it is very important to spend time with my wife, and my two daughters. Life cannot live without family, and that is the key element for me to work very hard.

I have many hobbies, and photography is one of them. Recently, I try to take as many photos as I can, and I went to many places. Exploring is become on of the reason for me to get more new piece in my photography. Hope you will like my photos, and you are very welcome to share my photos to your friends and relatives.

Last thing, great to meet you, and hope to share more my story with you in the future. Thank you.