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eSport Series

e Sport 8 / 3 / 1 three Models


Standard Equipped

Frame: 6000 series light weight Aluminum alloy
700C x 18″ / 20″ frame height available
Fork: 6000 series light weight Aluminum alloy with front rack lucking bolts
Handlebar: light weight Aluminum alloy 580mm length
Stem: light weight Aluminum alloy 80mm length
Seat Post: light weight Aluminum alloy 300mm length
Saddle: Ventura double elastomer super comfort
Wheel set: Ventura Alloy rims and hubs 700C and stainless spokes
Tires: Continental 700C x 32C Sport Contact A/V
Grips: Semi-leather with anti-mold and Moisture-proof
Motor: Shimano Step, E6000 36V 250W
Battery: Shimano standard 36V, 11.6Ah
Adapter: AC100~240V ~ 1.8A intelligent power supply adapter

eSport 8

Braking system: Front and rear hydric brake system
Transmission: Shimano Nexus inter 8 speeds with Revo shifters
Chain: Z9000 super strong high torque chain
(Optional Gates belt drive higher price apply)
MSRP: US$2,990
Total weight: approx. 21.20 kgw

eSport 3

Braking system: Shimano front and rear roller brakes
Transmission: Shimano Nexus inter 3 speeds with Revo shifters
Chain: Heavy duty chain
MSRP: US$2,499
Total weight: approx. 21.20 kgw

eSport 1

Braking system: Aluminum alloy front and rear caliper brakes
Transmission: Single 18T speed drive
Chain: Heavy duty chain
MSRP: US$1,999
Total weight: approx. 21.20 kgw

Special frame angle design, the rider does not need to bending the back for riding. This will help rider for long traveling without hurting their back.

The reinforce frame plate with nice looking design and special function for handling bike be able to move up or down. Curve tubes design making the shape much beautifully than just a plain bored round tubes.

Super strong frame forged drop out making the frame more flexibility to use belt drive for upgrade or regular chain operating. With this end, you can simply put the disc brake on without changing frame! It is a fantastic designing.

Shimano Step electric power drive
Completely following the EU ISO 15194 standard  making the bike more safe to ride. Power will cut off automatic if speed more than 25km/h to insure riders’ safety. More efficiency design can reduce battery power usage and making the bike to ride longer distance.

Shimano long range battery
Battery is lighter than before, and much more reliable. It can be take off anytime for re-charge in any place. Riding distance could reach 100km if all the way with flat road and eco mode.
36V,11.6Ah,504Wh, able to re-charge 1000 times!

Comfortable saddle
With higher comfortable and permeability seat plus anti-moisture function, this seat is not only giving rider more comfortable but also keep dry for long term riding. It is a very reliable high persistence excellent good saddle.

For accessories, we can understand riders want to be able to ride in any weather condition, and also have chance to carry something on the way. Therefore, we put front and rear fenders as a standard, and also adding a alloy rack to gain the value.

Continental Tires
Continental Sport Contact II 700 x 32C Urban trace fully contact road surface, and it cause extra friction to make bike speed faster and act quicker.On the other hand, it also able to brake faster and shorten distance!

Hydric front and rear brake system
We have increased the power of mobility, but it is also important to increasing safity of the braking ability, Therefore, we adding on Hydric brakes to make this machine better than ever!

Fixed kickstand mount
To make a fixed mount on the frame making whole bike more clean shape. Without extra clamp on the frame can reduce extra weight and dusk stick on the frame. A small change bring this bike more fashion looks.

The locking key for the battery
Riders can leave battery on bikes without worry, thanks for the locking deck system.

Battery capacity indication
With this function people can know either battery is full or need to charge. It makes everything easy to use.

eSport 3

3 speeds eSport model

Shimano Nexus inter 3 speeds transmission hub

Shimano front and rear rollar brakes
The advantage of this brake system has water resistant, and smooth braking. Anti-locking is also a great feature of this brake system.

eSport 1

Single speed eSport model

The brake levers come with anri-slip resin pads for all three models. This function is great to let figure keeps warm and stick on the lever to react any riding conditions.

Single speed freewheel. With comfort numbers of the gear teeth help riders to start up without spending too much strength, and it works in any road condition even if the motor is off.

Front and rear caliper brakes
Aluminum alloy caliper brakes are simple and easy to use and maintain. There is nothing more than this to keep eSport Single model better price than others.

Front caliper brake view

Helping riders reduce strength for riding uphill
These ebikes are capable riding uphill and mid range distance to help riders reduce energy spending. People can enjoy side seeing without too much concentration focus on force and strength spending. They can spend more time on the way watching landscape. These bikes are perfectly for people to enjoy true joy of riding bicycle!

There are six colors can be chiosen for current eSport series: