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Ventura, a brand from Bristal UK. We co-up with Ventura bicycles, manufacture and distribute Ventura bicyles for Global development. Ventura bicycles focus on mid range products, and concentrated on the adult and kids bikes. Ventura bicycles want most of people can riding bikes no matter on the way to the work, or just for casual. We want bicycle activity can help earth reduce air poluation and making our enviroment be better for our health!

BMX Bikes

20" BMX is never out of trend! Kids love it, and we have hundreds of models and styles!

Kids Bikes

We can produce 12″、14″、16″ and 18″ Boys and Girls BMX bikes. They are in good quality components.

27.5" Blog ATB

27.5" (650B) is a new size to the market, but why sell a lot of different models and confuse consumers!? Just need to sell one most popular and the best deal in the market. You will get the most in the return!

700C Pathfinder Trekking

Trekking bikes are always selling! 700C is a good size for any people want to riding easily in the city or country side. One trekking bike can bring back lots consumers' attention, because it is bicycle's evergreen!

700C eSport E-Bike

Electric power assistant bike is getting more and more demand from consumers, and it is time for Ventura eSport to show off 3 different models into the market. We cover high to mid range, and no matter what consumers need and they are all fit in well!

20" eFolding Folding bike

To find a folding bike without seeing the battery handing outside!? It almost impossible! Ventura has one here! E-Folding bike comes with intergraded battery and rear hub motor. Most important is it is affordable!