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Who we are

Liyang Global Ltd. is a premium care Bicycle OEM/ODM solutions provider; we custom-tailor well-rounded, comprehensive product solutions for all types of private, commercial and industrial manufacturing companies. Our experienced professionals work with clients in all stages of their projects from original concept and design, to manufacturing, packaging, and direct drop shipping services to anywhere in the world.

The factory established in Taipei

Liyang was established in 1968 by our formal President Sam Siu, and Liyang is also the few pioneers left of Taiwanese bicycle industry until now.


Founder, Sam Hsu

In 1968, our formal President Sam Siu started to do the bicycle trading for US market. It was called Liyang Trading, Ltd., and we had product majority in bicycle accessories. In 1971, Mr. Siu had a chance went to New York Bicycle Export Show in United States, and he discovered the road bike could be done in Taiwan. In his idea, he was thinking to manufacture in Taiwan and export to all over the world.
Therefore, he bought the sample and brought to his home town. It was so difficult to start with, because there was no body making similar components at that time.

However, Mr. Siu decided to invited many venders to making new modes and start to build the road bike in Taiwan by ourselves. In 1972, Liyang trading became Liyang Industrial, Ltd., and factory was established in Taipei. At that time, there was only one assembly line, and 700 bikes can be made in one day. At this time, Liyang has started its OEM bicycle mission for worldwide.


Current manufacturing facilities in Asia:
The Liyang has two out sourcing venders from China, one was in north China, and the other is in Shen Zhen, China. The maximum production capacity is able to reach 120,000 units per month.

Frame Dept.
In both factories, we start from the tubing and build into the frame, and steel bulk build into the shape. We even make our own mode for the key parts on the frame, and we bend the tubing, press the drop out, and many steps in our own roof. This dept. is not only making frames, but also forks, handlebars, and stems. This is to make sure lead time and quality can be control by us.

Alloy frame heat treatment
Our 6000 and 7000 series alloy frames are all finish doing in house, and we even have our own T4 and T6 heating oven. This heating process is so important that we are not even want to do outside.

Frame Threading
After the frame be done, and we send the frame to do special surface treatments. The purpose of this is to make sure all the rust material and dirt will be clean. In the 9 steps of anti-rust bath will insure the material surface quality.

Painting Dept.
We require 4 layers of standard painting procedure by our most efficient Electrostatic Disk Painting machine from Japan. The quality of result is just like the automobile’s surface. We finish the decaling right after the painting to prevent the dust and dirt.

Wheel Assembly Dept.
We are using automatic assembly wheel machine for wheel assembling. Our tolerance is only allow +/- 0.5mm to make sure it is in the precision.

In our Taiwan factory, we have most experience workers who have talents know what is the most efficiency of building good quality bikes, and here we are. We establish a strong team in Taiwan and trying hard to let our products meet all our customers’ fully satisfaction.

Bike Assembly
We have totally two assembly lines in this factory, and average production is 66,000 units per month. We are able to produce wide range of product, and it is from 10” kid bike to 700C high end road bike. Our standard lead time is 45 days, but sometimes we are so efficient that we are able to meet 20 days early delivery.

In order to keep the company with high efficient and low operation cost, “zero inventories” and “first in first out” is company policy. This is also improve our order process and better quality control of old parts.

Research and Development
Our R&D team is working day and night try to find better material suitable for frame to improve weight and structure. Not only this, we are spending million of dollars for better production environment and improve better production efficient. This is all benefit to our customers.

Quality Control
Testing, testing and testing. We making sure the goods and parts are passed our factory requirement. We are using CPSC and CSA for American market, JIS and PSC for Japanese market, NF for France, DIN for Germany, BIS for England, and AS for Australia. Quality is a serious thing in our factory.

A word from Our CEO
Jemic Hsu
Since my childhood, I have already been in the factory helping some easy job. I seen the company grow, and I learn from my father’s hard working. Unfortunately, my father passed away, but I believe his spirit and experience will be keeping in Liyang forever. At Liyang, we not only take well care of our customers, but also help them get the edge over the competition by updating them on new product information. In view of this, our customers always have new products to offer the public. Finally, I would like to thanks all the people who have been supporting us through the years, and my utmost hope is for a lasting working relationship. I on behalf of the entire staff promise to provide you with great products and services.